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Top 10 Billionaires people in the world 2021

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This is top10list site here and here I am sharing the list of top 10 richest man in the world 2021, This top 10 richest man in the world 2020 is all about the knowledge of richest persons and their net worth, top 10 richest person in India is different list post on this site, but here I am sharing most richest man in the world list with short description. Here is HD images of world richest man 2021 and about him. You can search who is the richest person in the world 2019 & 10 richest person in the world for best result on Google. This list is based on real time data of 8 April 2021.

"दुनिया के 10 सबसे अमीर आदमी। "


Who is the Top 10 Richest Man in 2021?

          There is 2000+ billionaire on the earth in 2021. I am telling about 10 richest persons in the world. The following list is based on April 8, 2021 real time data.



Net Worth in April 2021




Jeff Bezos





Elon Musk


SpaceX & Tesla/South Africa & America



Bernard Arnault & Family





Bill Gates





Mark Zuckerberg


Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram/America



Larry Ellison


Oracle/ United States



Warren Buffett


Berkshire Hathaway/ United States



Larry Page


Co-founder of Google/America



Sergey Brin


Co-founder of Google/America



Francoise Bettencourt Meyers & family


L Oreal/France



Amancio Ortega


Inditex fashion group/Spain



Mukesh Ambani



List of richest persons in the World. 

Richest people in the world top10list.

1. Jeff Bezos

Enterprise visionary and electronic enterprise pioneer Jeff Bezos is the coordinator and ceo of the net business association amazon, owner of the washington publish and writer of the space exam affiliation blue beginning. His efficient endeavors have made him probably the most excessive individual in the world. Added into the world in 1964 in new mexico, bezos had an early love of pcs and thought about programming and electric making plans at princeton college.
Jeff Bezos Richest man in the world
Net Worth-$193.1B

2. Elon Musk

Elon Musk assisted with building up and drives tesla, spacex, neuralink and the dull enterprise. Because the high-quality ally and ceo of tesla, elon drives all issue association, planning and average gathering of the affiliation's electric vehicles, battery matters and daytime primarily based strength matters.
Elon musk second richest man in India

Net Worth-$169.9B
Company-Tesla, SpaceX

3. Bernard Arnault & Family

Bernard Arnault became lagendary in europe because the person united nations enterprise revived french dressmaking in 1995 with the aid ofclothierdressmakerclothier john cordial to trade the venerable hubert de givenchy at the latter’s paris style residence. The “pope of style,” as Arnault became dubbed by way of girls’s put on every day, a yr later stirred cordial to christian dior and appointed the brash british designer.
Bernard arnault richest bussinessman

Net Worth-$168.2B

4. Bill Gates

William Henry Gates iii is an american commercial enterprise tycoon, programming engineer, monetary backer, writer, landowner and giver. He's a fellow benefactor of microsoft organisation.
Bill Gates rich man and founder of microsoft  top10list

Net Worth-$129.8B

5. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark zuckerberg is fellow benefactor and ceo of the lengthy range informal communique web page fb, simply as one of the global's maximum younger very wealthy people. Mark Zuckerberg helped to set up the individual to individual conversation website Facebook out of his school apartment at harvard university.
Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg billionaire

Net Worth-$114.2B
Company-Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

6. Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison, in complete lawrence joseph Ellison, is A yankee average and enterpriser UN office changed into establishing father and boss military official (1977–2014) of the PC code program venture prophet association.
Larry ellison billionaire

Net Worth-$99.9B
Company-Oracle Corporation

7. Warren Buffett

Known as the "prophet of omaha," Warren Buffett is quite possibly the fine economic backers of all time. Buffett runs berkshire hathaway, which claims in excess of 60 agencies, consisting of protection net provider geico, battery manufacturer duracell and café network dairy queen. The kid of a u. S. Senator, he at first purchased stock at age 11 and first recorded duties at age thirteen. He has vowed to offer extra than 99% of his abundance. So far he has given more than $41 billion, usually to the gates basis and his kid's establishments.
Warren buffett richest investor in world

Net Worth-$99.6B
Company-Berkshire Hathaway

8. Larry Page

Larry Page, byname of lawrence edward web page, (conceived march 26, 1973, east lansing, michigan, u. S.), american laptop researcher and enterprise character who, with sergey brin, made the net web index google, quite possibly the most widely known locations on the internet.
Larry page co founder of google

Net Worth-$98.0B
Company-Co-founder of Google

9. Sergey Brin

Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin is Associate in Nursing yankee laptop research worker and net business visionary. In conjunction with larry online page, he helped to line up google. Brin become the chief of google's verify leader, alphabet INC., until venturing down from the activity on Dec 3, 2019.
Surgey Brin billionaire

Net Worth-$94.9B
Company-Co-founder of Google

10. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers & family

Sergey mikhaylovich brin is an american pc researcher and net business visionary. Together with larry page, he helped to set up google. Brin become the chief of google's determine corporation, alphabet inc., until venturing down from the task on december 3, 2019.
Francoise bettencourt meyers richest woman in world

Net Worth-$80.4B
Company-L Oreal

12. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is an Indian tycoon finance manager, and the executive, taking care of chief, and greatest investor of dependence businesses ltd., a fortune overall 500 undertaking and india's most extreme significant association by market cost.
mukesh ambani indian billionaire and richest man of india

Net Worth-$77.5B
Company-Reliance Industries

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