Top 10 roasters on Youtube. (TOP 10) Roasting youtubers list

 Hey guys, welcome back to the new post of roasters. There are many roasters on YouTube but I am listing here the top ten roasters on the YouTube platform. Here are many interesting videos of Roasters in India. In this post, I am listing my personal and public opinions. These roasters have a large number of subscribers.

Most interesting Roasting YouTubers list in India. 


Roaster Name

YT Channel Name

YT Subscribers

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Ajay Nagar






Nishchay Malhan

Triggered Insaan





Samrat Shukla

Samrat ki Pathshala





Abhyudaya Mohan

Salyy Point






Angry Prash





Dhiru Monchik






Kiran Dutta

The Bong Guy





Adil Paari

Hadd BC





Ronodeep Dasgupta

The Rawknee Show




Elvish Yadav

Elvish Yadav



11 Number par hai Instagram roaster Atif Sheikh @atifshekh2450

#1 Carryminati

I remain grounded as I know the worth of this fame': CarryMinati on  popularity and content

Who hasn't known about any Nagar also known as carryminati? His name is somewhat inseparable from simmered in india. His tongue-turning and always regulating words probably won't seem as though he's deriding or offending an individual , anyway he's doing that and more with energy. he's at present the authoritative lord and merits the entirety of the recognition coming his way. His authority exists in the way he handles these subjects. He doesn't chorale from cuss words anyway does that with explicit style. He has dealt with subjects of different types siphoning in his feeling of whimsical humor.

#2 Triggered Insaan

Which game does triggered insaan play in storytime?

Nischay Malhan Malhan Delivery what is called Found Insean A began his Suotube advancement in 2017 with the ridge movies however, immediately moved to respond to step back. Nischay Malhan (birthday: November 14), better recognized online, as encouraged to INSAAN, is a new absolutely Indian decoration of YouTuber and Pubg based in New Delhi.

#3 Samrat Ki Pathshala

Samrat Ki Pathshala image
Samrat Shukla is an Indian YouTuber who makes interesting videos perched. Individuals usually like their recording because it uses double the method for their films, which individuals like settings are very extraordinary. He burned overall and the language was diverting. He grasped every video with his own parody style. He then took advantage of many new dioramas in his films.

#4 Slayy Point

Slayy Point - Members, Trivia
Slayy point is an indian youtube channel. The youtube channel, slayy factor, begun off as a little thought changed over into a total fledged channel through gautami and abhyudaya. The channel joins comedic films on millennial-accommodating subjects like the net, bollywood, web-based media, and other crazy happenings in the public arena.

#5 Angry Prash

Angry Prash's Amazon Page
Angry Prash that is exacerbated (or undoubtedly prash), is an Indian illustrator and gamer who posted a parody image moving on YouTube. Prash Furious is a YouTube channel which is basically established in the satire of cool-energy films for young adults and adults. Furious Prash is the first and most purchased YouTube channel in India.

#6 Dhirumonchik

Dhiru Monchik - Get Dhiru Monchik's Personal Video Messages, Video calls  and Short Films | Celebyte
Dhiru Monchik is a remarkable Indian youtuber recognized by the recordings of parody and wrinkled. Dhirendra Chauhan Rajput is also known as Dhiru Monchik, it is an Indian YouTuber triumph, who especially transfers mockery films at the popular YouTube station of him. The channel of it now has more than 1. 75 million supporters with more than 178 million channel views.

#7 The Bong Guy

Kiran Dutta-The bong guy FAN CLUB - Home | Facebook

The Bong Guy, is an Indian youtube comic that publishes reaction films on YouTube. Kiran Dutta is the first YouTuber of Western Bengal. Kiran Dutta, as perceived preveniently for the name of him on the line of the line, the Bong man is a well-known Bengali-Indian youtuber, player.

#8 Hadd BC

Hadd bc aadil paari is an impending youtube abilities. Aadil paari is a first-rate video roaster in quite a while. Hadd bc is one of these youtube channels that could obviously fill your coronary heart with happiness. The channel is broadening gradually.

#9 The Rawknee Show

Rony Dasgupta (The Rawknee Show) Wiki, Age, Bio, Girlfriends & More
Ronodeep Dasgupta, better known online while the raw display is a torteast and an Indian player, maximum considered as "English RIP" movies. The authentic YouTube game channel of Ronodeep Dasgupta! Livestreams every day and highlights every day of commerce.

#10 Elvish Yadav

10 Elvish yadav ideas | elvish, charmer, youtubers

Elvish yadav is a popular indian advanced substance author, online media force to be reckoned with, youtuber, viner and web character from gurugram, hariyana, india. Elvish yadav is an indian computerized content maker, viner, online media force to be reckoned with, youtuber. He was a mainstream tiktok celebrity before that application getting restricted in india. He gets mainstream through making plants films on youtube.

#11 Atif Shekh
Infosaurs- Atif Shekh Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family,  Images And More

Atif shekh is a popular Instagram roaster. He makes short videos of roasting. he has 187k Followers on instagram. 

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